The Baltimore Rescue Mission is the result of the need for a Christian rescue mission in Baltimore City that would receive African American men. In the days prior to the Equal Rights Amendment, there was no mission in Baltimore City that would allow African Americans in their doors. In 1956, Mr. John Ehlers along with two other Christian businessmen, rented a small, one room building at 909 Pennsylvania Avenue that could be used to begin the Baltimore Rescue Mission. The men first listened to a gospel service and then received watered down soup and whatever else was donated for food. When the food was finished, they folded the chairs and slept on newspapers and blankets.

The Karis Home is the women and children’s division of the Baltimore Rescue Mission since the 1970s. The term Karis Home means Grace Home. Karis is the Greek word for grace. The Karis Home is in operation to provide emergency short-term help for homeless women and children.