Pastor John Lacombe

   John and Connie Lacombe have been serving the Lord for over fifteen years.  John entered the ministry in 2002 serving as the Assistant/Youth Pastor of Odenton Baptist Church.  During his time as the Assistant Pastor, he had the opportunity to serve in many capacities while training under the leadership of Pastor George Shafer.  Pastor Lacombe and Connie developed a passion for mentoring young people, cultivating a servant’s heart in them.  Pastor Lacombe also taught in the Odenton Baptist Bible Institute equipping men and women for the ministry.

In 2003, Pastor Lacombe surrendered to be a missionary to the country of Thailand.  His family started deputation in July of 2005 and in November of 2006, they arrived in Thailand; serving there for over ten years as church planting missionaries.  God allowed the Lacombes to partner with Mike and Panan Leemon in team missions as they began their church planting efforts.  God used Pastor Lacombe to help start Sriracha Baptist Church, Sriracha Baptist Bible Institute, and Grace Baptist Mission Organization helping missionaries obtain a visa allowing them to serve as missionaries unimpeded by the government.

In May of 2017, God moved the Lacombe family to make the difficult decision to return from Thailand to help Odenton Baptist Church serving as the Administrative Pastor and the Christian School Administrator under the leadership of Pastor Thomas Howard.   In July of 2018, Pastor Howard announced that God has called him to Australia as a church planting missionary.  In August of 2018, Odenton Baptist Church extended a call to Pastor Lacombe to be the Senior Pastor of Odenton Baptist Church.  He accepted the call, and is dedicated to serving our Lord diligently.